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    Arris AX013ANM & Comcast - Custom Remote does not control Slingbox 500/Blue Screen?

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      I am trying to get Slingbox 500 to work with AX013ANM from Comcast.  I have configured the Slingbox, including downloading and installation of the custom remote, and am able to connect to the Slingbox online.  Once connected, I am able to see only a blue screen, and though I can see the on-screen remote and click the buttons, they do not appear to do anything/control the unit at all.  I am guessing it is not an HDCP matter since based on other posts here it appears others have AX013ANM working with Slingbox 500, but I'm not sure on this point.  Does anyone else have this specific configuration + Comcast who might be able to advise me further about how to get this working, or if it's possible? 


      I have verified the connections of the Slingbox according to instructions and it is connected by both HDMI and Component cables.


      Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.