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    Slingplayer for FireTV stops playing suddenly

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      I have the strangest issue.  Have benn using SlingPlayer for FireTV for a couple months to remotely watch DirecTV content ok, but then in the last week during playback the app will suddenly display the stopping Slingplayer application screen and take me back to the FireTV home menu.  I can start Slingplayer again and connect but the issue continues.  In troubleshooting the issue, I find the stopping consistently happens at the same exact point in playback.  With some content, it can happen every minute or two - very maddening.

      I have tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  Changing settings on the fire TV box, deregistering the Fire TV box from Amazon, and can still reproduce the issue.  I have not tried a factory reset on my Amazon Fire TV Box, also have not tried power cycling by Slingpayer 350.  Any thoughts?