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    P-31,P-16 , etc errors




      I have a "factory reconditioned" sling box m1 that I'm having some troubles with.


      When connecting locally, video/audio content will play fine for a bit and then within a few minutes I'll get a P-31, P-16 or P-4 error... I can then reconnect and everything seems fine for awhile.


      When connecting remotely, most of the time I get a P-31 error and can't connect, however twice in the 50 times I've tried to connect its worked-  for about two minutes and then I get a P-16 error... upon reconnecting I get a P-31 error....


      I've tried resetting the unit, resetting the router, etc... I've forwarded ports 5000-6000 on tcp/udp on my router to the sling box....


      is there a chance this is just a bad unit?


      Also,  this w/ sling player desktop on mac os x and android app as well as web interface from safari, etc....