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    Direct TV C41 Remote for Slingbox M2

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      Just setup a newly purchased M2 unit to our DirectTV (satellite) receiver.  The receiver label has manf name as "Direct TV Advanced Whole Home Client" and Model C41W-100.  There was no receiver named such on their list, so I started typing "DirectTV" and a short list came with C41W shown.  The system continued its configuration and all worked fine--except for the remote!

      It displays on my screen, yet have a couple of problems:

      1) cannot change channels

      2) if TV is turned off, it terminates on my laptop

      I contacted Support about all above, and they commented that sometimes the receivers may be difficult to locate; it will take trial-and-error to find the right one.  He did suggest a RESET from the back of the M2, and that seemed to work for a few minutes.  Call terminated, and, of course, it didn't take long for the problem to reappear.

      Any suggestions on an alternative choice for receiver types to get the remote to work, and keep my electric bill down by not requiring I have my TV on?

      Many thanks!

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Contrary to what the support rep said, it is very easy to find the receiver as ALL DirecTV boxes use identical codes.  So any of them should work.    Therefore you have another problem, maybe the IR isn't working ?


          Also, if you have to have the TV on for it to work then your TV provider has implemented HDCP.    Do a search on the forum, there are lots of posts about this.