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    iOS 10 w/Slingplayer 3.4.9 not working well

    lkodk Newbie


      After upgrading my iPad to iOS 10 and updating SlingPlayer to new iOS 10 compatible version 3.4.9, I can no longer use my slingbox from my iPad.

      I can connect fine and use the on-screen remote to power up my settop box and the stream is fine, but everytime I try to use the on-screen remote after that to e.g. change channel, use epg or anything else the stream freezes.

      If I for example change channel the settop box gets the command, I get the first frame after the channel change, but then nothing happens. The picture is frozen, and no sound. If I then restart the SlingPlayer app, the stream is fine on the channel I selected, until I try to use the on-screen remote for something again.

      The app itself is not frozen, as I can remove the on-screen remote and manouver around in the app, and the set top box connected to the slingbox reacts to other remote commands, but stream is frozen.

      This happens both on local lan and via the internet.

      While writing this, I found out that it is the exact same situation on iPhone on iOS 10 with iOS10 compatible version 3.8.51 of SlingPlayer.

      What can be done to fix this?