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    Wont finalize the setup of my M2

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      I go through all the steps to set up my new sling box M2 and when I get to final step it just sits there and spins and never comes back as active.  The remote and the picture and all tested as OK.  Called the support phone number but they were worthless.  Just reset and re-try the install (which repeatedly fails on the last step).  Anyone else have a problem with this and get around it?  Thought I might have gotten a dud box, but everything tests fine until this last step.  Thanks.

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          Happened to me too.  Support at SlingBox had me try a bunch of things (they said a lot of people are calling about this).  Nothing worked; they escalated to "Tier 3" support -- which never called me.  I tried calling support again but listened to their hold music for an hour before giving up.


          good luck