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    SlingPlayer for Windows

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      I just recently had to upgrade my slingbox from the ProHD, the new SlingPlayer for windows is HORRIBLE compared to the old one compatible with ProHD. I have to restart my computer every time I close the SlingPlayer in order for it to work again or it just says SlingPlayer not responding (multiple computers have been used). It also glitches a ton, especially when watching sports (which is the whole reason I have slingbox), when trying to watch anything from the dvr it is unwatchable because it just glitches and gives noise very similar to the old AOL login with dialup, and lastly they took away the functionality of being able to pause and skip forward from a pause for up to 60 mins in full screen mode.  I am thoroughly disappointed with this performance and I have tried to troubleshoot many different ways, maybe some others have experienced similar issues and can give some insight to what I might be missing...please help!!!