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    Slingbox Pro HD Program Guide won't change location

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      I have a Slingbox Pro HD and it used to be in San Antonio, TX 78230 and the program guide worked great on all my devices.

      Now we have moved to Austin, TX 78704 and the program guide still shows the channel listing for the previous location.

      I started with the Setup Programming Guide during the setup process, to change the zip code and choose "Analog_Digital - Combined Broadcast ". It seems to take it, but when I Watch TV and look at the programming guide through the web interface, the old program listing it still there.

      I have gone so far as to do a factory reset on the box and started from scratch with no success. Every time I go back in to make adjustments to the Programming Guide, it auto fillls the zip code with "48121" for some reason, no matter what I put in before and the outcome is the same. The channel lineup is for my old location of 78230.

      I've tried the web interface setup and the desktop app setup with no success. I've cleared my browser cache and I've uninstalled the iPad app to try and make the old programming guide go away.

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.