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    Amazon Fire TV - playback issues

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      I am trying to connect to my Sling Box M1 outside of the network to which it is connected. Watching either of the top two qualities results in significant stuttering, and after about 10 minutes a complete disconnection with an error message that the Sling Box is not connected to the internet.


      I replaced the ethernet cable (bumped to CAT6) and switch to which the Sling Box is connected without improvement.

      The source internet modem was upgraded and the upload speed is around 50mbps.

      The destination download speed is +75mbps (upload +75mbps).

      Connecting to the same Sling Box via an Andoird phone (Nexus 6P) or a Windows 10 PC have no issues even at the highest setting (tested on the same network as the Fire TV).

      The issue is present on either of two different Fire TV devices.


      Is Sling Box still not compatible with Amazon's Android version? Would side loading the phone version app work? Any suggestions for getting a strong, consistent signal?