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    Slingplayer for Windows keeps crashing


      Slingbox works fine. No problems with the mobile app. But sling player on the desktop keeps crashing in Windows 10. I can connect to the slingbox fine but after a few minutes it force closes.


      I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling. Doesn't solve the problem. Is there anything I can do? I primarily want to use this device on my windows desktop.

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          jaswinder05 Newbie

          I have experienced mixed results whilst using the windows desktop player.


          When I try to open the programme it take a couple of attempts and a couple of minutes for it to load up.


          Only on the windows 10 desktop pc do I have a issue, the app on my phone and tablet work fine

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              Further testing suggests the desktop app uses chrome. Both IE and Firefox

              don't seem to crash. Desktop app and Chrome app crash after 2 mins or so.

              Sometimes sooner. I've tested on other devices on the same network and no



              Used to work fine, then suddenly today stopped. I wonder if they made a new

              release for the Web app (which desktop app reports it is using).


              Very disappointed.