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    Disconnected from Viewing Content Every Seven Minutes

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      I have been getting a drop in bandwidth at my remote viewing location from "Excellent" to "Poor" every 7 minutes.  For months now. Every 7 minutes.


      At that same time, the video freezes and disconnects with a W202 error code (poor internet connection). I have to go through the process to reconnection only to have it happen againin 7 minutes.


      If I manually force en exit from slingbox app and then reconnect at the 3 minute point for example, 4 minutes later I get the bandwidth drop and disconnection. So every 7 minutes no matter what.


      I have very high internet speed at home (gigabyte) and 500 Mbs at the remote (viewing) location. Few or no competing apps, no gaming going on for example.


      I use an M1, and all my browsers are updated. Use Mac latest operating system. This happens on my Macbook. This happens on the Desktop App as well as the newatch web app.


      How do I go forward to fix this?