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    Web Slingplayer can't detect Component Slingbox input


      First of all, my setup:

      Slingbox Pro-HD

      Motorolla DVR - DCH3416

      Comcast Cable

      MacBook/iMac watching through browser


      My cable box is hooked up to my tv via HDMI. I have component video cables hooked up from the cable box to the slingbox pro-hd. When I try to watch online it says "No video detected on the Component Slingbox input". However, if I use a coax hookup from the cable box to the slingbox, it does detect video. This obviously does me no good trying to watch HD video however.


      Also, I'm almost positive the component video cables are good, so I'm ruling out bad cables. Also, I've tried unplugging the HDMI from the cable box to see if it was disabling the component outs, still does not work. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.