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    Connects to Slingplayer, but no video plays

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      I have a Windows Surface Pro and typically connect to Slingplayer for Web using Goggle Chrome to watch my Slingbox back in the US. However recently when I log on everything connects, but no video comes through even though I know that the Slingbox is on and connected. I know this because I have used my wife's Windows Surface 4 Pro to connect to the Slingplayer for Web app through Google Chrome, and everything works like a peach (video is on, can change channels, etc.). Similarly, I can use my Slingplayer app on my iPhone 6s with no issue (all functions seem to work on the app). My Surface Pro recently installed some Windows updates on Sep 1st, but my wife's Surface 4 Pro installed the exact same updates on the same day. My Surface Pro has installed an update for Adobe Flashplayer on Sep 3rd. Could that be the problem? I have tried running Slingplayer for Web on a couple different Internet browsers (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge), but I get the same result. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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