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    any way to get rid of ads?


      I'm using 3 slingboxes for a private project within a major networking company, is there any way (such as paying extra fees) to get rid of the overwhelming advertisement?

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          ACC6453393 Newbie

          Sadly no... I paid the fee for ad-free android/ios apps and they work great for the most part. I have no problem paying a fee for active development. What makes me mad is there is no option to remove desktop ads, again not even offering a paid option. You have complete idiots at the top of this company. Ad free should be tied to the entire account regardless of platform. They just don't care. Yes users would still complain there would be a fee but at least offer the option as long as it's reasonable. Makes no sense to offer it on one platform and not the other. All we can do is facepalm, it's been this way for a long time.