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    Getting Comcast Error RDK-03060 with Slingbox M2 **EDIT**


      Hi everyone,


      I've recently been getting a blank screen with Comcast error message RDK-03060 when I try to use my Slingbox M2. I've looked up some other stuff on on here, and it seems that it's related to using an HDMI cable and the HDCP issues with new cable boxes, but the thing is, I still have the older cablebox with component outputs, so I'm not sure what's going on. I did recently get a new tv that only has HDMI input though, so I thought that might be an issue.


      Basically, my set up is this:


      Slingbox M2 connected to cable box via component cables

      Roku tv connected to cable box via hdmi.


      If I turn the tv on, the picture seems to work fine, but I have no remote control via slingbox.


      Any thoughts?





      For some reason the site won't let me reply, so I have to edit this post instead


      alanrichey42 -  Unfortunately I can't do that, as the tv only has HDMI inputs, and no component inputs - is there any other work around?  Thanks!