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    slingplayer to a chromecast using only iphone hotspot

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      I spent most of the night struggling to get a chromecast set up with my Chevy Suburban OEM entertainment system.  The chromecast is connected to my iphone hotspot.  YouTube and Netflix both cast beautifully as advertised.  However, when I start the SlingPlayer app there is no option for chromecast.  At home on normal wifi, the chromecast icon shows in the upper left corner of the slingplayer app before I even press connect to my slingbox. This icon is not there when the chromecast is connected to my iphone hotspot.  After pressing connect in the slingplayer app, the video stream starts  on my iphone and  there is an airplay icon next to the volume but here is no chromecast option.  All iPhone software is up to date.


      I am anticipating that the good folks at Slingbox support will tell me that the phone and the chromecast both have to be connected to a router.  As I mentioned however, both YouTube and Netflix cast just fine with the chromecast connected only to my iPhone hotspot.  This limitation is preventing me from having live Television on the two rear screens in my truck.  Any advice?

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          I'm having the same problem. For some reason, the Slingplayer app doesn't support Chromecast when both my controlling device (iPad) and Chromecast are connected on the same iPhone hotspot wifi network. Youtube works great. It appears to be a bug in the Slingplayer app, because after initiating the Chromecast it quits with an error that reads: "Session has unexpectedly closed. Please check the Internet connection of your ChromeCast and Slignbox and try connecting again."


          Slingbox team, please add support for hotspot wifi connectivity!