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      I purchased both my SBM1 and Roku Streaming Stick over the past six-(6) weeks for a very low cost. I am trying to send my DirecTV signal to my old Sanyo TV (DP26640) on the porch, but I am stuck with a slow DSL network. I have my DirecTV Genie Lite - I emphasize lite - connected from the A/V port to my SBM1 component via the special cable then a component cable from the SBM1 to my Vizio D43D2 component; however, I also have the HDMI cable from the DirecTV to the Vizio D43D2 HDMI port. If I remove the HDMI cable I lose the signal then I change the input to component and still no signal. I am successful in setting up the Sling Player for my windows desktop, but I have to use a different Genie model and remote control because my Genie Lite model (H44-100) and remote control (RC73) are not on the list. For some reason I have a weak wireless internet connection on the porch and cannot connect my Roku Streaming Stick to the internet with it inserted into the Sanyo HDMI (DVI) port


      I have a TP-Link Wi-Fi Booster plugged into a power outlet in my home electrical wiring system - the wireless network is fine with the upstairs Smart TV, but too weak for the old TV on the porch even with the Power line Booster.  The odd thing is I think the porch TV is closer to the router than the TV upstairs.  I researched more about my problem and I am a bit befuddled because both Roku and Slingbox make the sales-pitch of turning a old TV into a Smart-TV?  I am beginning to wonder that the system requirements have changed due to the new FCC Laws.  However, I have to establish a "strong or excellent" wireless network connection on my porch before I can test different scenarios.  Puzzling - I am in my house and my upstairs Smart-TV can stream with my Roku Stick; is it streaming because this Smart-TV (less than one year old has better capabilities) is directly connected to both the Slingbox with a component cable [the slingbox is also connected to the Genie via a A/V cable] and the DirecTV Genie with the HDMI cable whereas my old TV on the porch only has the Roku Stick and a weak wireless connection? Besides I live in a region that is surrounded by water and military bases, so WiFi and radio signals are always problematic.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I like your video too.  One of the better instructional videos - in fact better than some of Slingbox Support videos.  Resting atop the back burner in my mind is a discussion about "cabling" and multimedia over coaxial cable alliance (MOCA)!