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    Slingbox 500 HDMI output white dots on screen

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      I received my Slingbox 500 today, when viewing the menu on the slingbox in built app I notice random dancing white dots all over the screen / TV. I have isolated this to be the HDMI OUT of the Slingbox 500. Is this the reason why it was refurbished in the first place? I bought a factory refurbished unit. I guess we live and learn... What options do I have?


      If I go to the menu then input selection menu, it keeps reverting to component meaning thats always checked, I have to keep changing it back to HDMI, my HDMI source is a Roku 2 when I change it to HDMI it momentarily ceases to show the white flickering specs on the screen, then after a few seconds they come back again then if I go back to the input menu, component is checked again. If I connect the Roku 2 directly to the HDMI input of the tv I notice no white dancing specs. If I view the Roku feeds via the HDMI out of the Slingbox 500 white specs are still present, so it is just not the menu graphics of the slingbox causing this. Issue can be replicated all the time and is not intermittent.


      I have tried using mutiple HDMI cables and also using a different input to the TV to no avail, not that it matters since the issue is isolated to the HDMI output of the Slingbox 500.


      Any advise would be appreciated in respect of perhaps if I have missed something before returning it. The white specs I do not believe are present on the placeshifted feeds. Just present when HDMI out to TV locally .