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    Hookup question


      I recently purchased a SOLO to replace a Classic which quit working.  The new SOLO installs with AV cables instead of the coax like the Classic did.  The SOLO is attached to the back of my cable box.  To hook it up to the back of my cable box I had to unhook the Replay TV connectiions that I already had attached to the cable box.  My question is, how can I hook everything up so that the SOLO and Replay TV both work?  FYI, the Replay TV has two outputs on the back panel.

      Thanks for your help.

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          Hi Bself,


          Nice to hear that you upgraded to the Slingbox SOLO. I recommend that you connect the ReplayTV to your Cable box and then the Slingbox to the ReplayTV, so you will be able to have the Slingbox and a regular TV connected to the same source (ReplayTV). In order to make the Virtual remote to work, I recommend that you take a look at this discussion, it has some codes that could work for the ReplayTV


          ReplayTV remote control functions incorrect on PRO-HD


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