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    RGN 150N or RGN 200N with SD TV or ?

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      OK here I go again. I've posted this question five times and every time I posted it comes up with a notification on the very bottom that it can't post a blank message. I don't understand this but here goes again ... I want to use either one of the cable boxes above to hook to a Slingbox M2. I want to hook the Slingbox to the component terminals to be able to stream HD but I also want to hook the cable box to a SD tv. The question is if I hook the cable box to the SD terminal for SD will it disable the HD ports? If so, I guess I could just use the Slingbox on its own without any connection to any television nearby. I'm just trying to hook this up so that I can stream some American football to my son and grandchildren who have recently moved to Singapore. Any help would be appreciated. The conflict wit my other tv's and the HDMI connection was just too much of a hassle so I'm using my basement setup as plan B.