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    Need help to make Slingplayer work

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      I'm new to this (obviously). I purchased a Slingbox 500 and believe that I have set it up properly to my local TV. It's connected to a local network wirelessly. It's connected to a 5G network.


      The Neetwork Wireless Adapter in my laptop (Qualcom Atheros AR 9485) will not connect to 5G networks, but will connect to 2G networks


      I then downloaded Slingplayer (for Windows 10 PC). I get what looks like the proper screen to "Watch" videos on my laptop (which is connected wirelessly to a 2G network)---BUT-- the only video that is displayed on my Slingplayer is the TV channel that my local TV is displaying at the moment. When I go to the "Guide" to select a new TV channel, and I click on that channel in the "Guide", a little window asks if I want to "Watch Now".  I click on the "Watch Now", but nothing happens----just a black screen---But in the background is the audio for that original TV channel that is currently playing on my local TV that the Slingbox 500 is connected to. If I click out of the "Guide", I get that original TV channel still playing.


      If my local TV is turned OFF, and I try to use Slingplayer--and I go to the "Guide" to select a program to watch,  I get absolutely no video----just the 30 minute timer which seems to show progression, but no video.


      Can anyone help me fix this problem so I can watch TV on my laptop?