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    Slingbox player any platform continually drops connection


      Hey folks,

      It doesn't seem that the forum is monitored by techsupport, but I'm stressed enough to give it a go.


      I have Sling player for the following platforms/devices

      Windows XP

      MAC Book Pro 10.6.x

      iPad 3.2

      Moto Droid 2.2


      I had to spend $60.00 for the iPad and Droid players. I also had an Omnia and spent the 20 bucks for the CE version so I have invested a couple of bucks.


      While trying to connect remotely either over a hotspot or my 3G service my players will only display for a short time before it freezes indefently. If stop the player and restart the player will start playing again but only for a short time. This has always been a problem for the two or three years I have tryed  the service. Sporadically the service will work fine for a month or two and then the problem starts up again.


      Is there any  kind of trace log I can access from the player to determine were the breakdown could be occuring?


      I have the system set up to use the sling locator service.


      Any ideas would be welcome



      Long Island, New York

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          Hi Sointense,


          This seems to be an issue with the network at the Slingbox location, do you have the Slingbox hardwired to the router using a regular Ethernet cable or are you using a wireless/power bridge. Also confirm the upload speed at home to confirm that it meets the bandwidth requirements,


          A slow Internet connection at home can affect picture quality when Internet Viewing


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              Thanks Fofo,


              I had forgotten about this post because it is so old.


              The issue seems to be about 70% resolved. About a month after the post a new firmware was mad available for the slingbox and since then my 3G and WiFi hotspot connections have improved dramatically. Where I have run into problems is on the New Jersey TPK south of exit 6 which I think is just poor 3G coverage. I have also run into trouble on the Long Island Expressway and 15 and 405 between San Diego and Orange county but I think this may be because of traffic on the network. When I am in the mid west its a **** shoot because I'm usually out driving though corn fields trying to get to where I'm going.


              The Sling is connected with a hardwire directly to my router and out through the cable modem. I have on average 7 meg up and 25 meg down, but it seems as if the update to the sling box in october time fram corrected things.



              Long Island, New York