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    Cost/process to get a refurbished slingbox 500 replacement from manufacturer

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      Hi, everyone! My name is Laura and I am Dennis' partner in Pennsylvania. I bought Dennis a slingbox 500 in April 2016 for his birthday (certified refurbished) and he didn't try and install it until about two weeks ago.


      The unit works fine at first but locks up after a few hours on the start-up screen. He has done at least a dozen factory resets (including updates) and it will work fine each time until it locks up (after a few hours). He has tried a new power supply from a slingbox 500 that does work and that did not solve the problem. I looked at the discussion forum for lock ups and have tried the suggestions (unplugging the cable box and the like) but no such luck.


      The unit cannot be returned to the purchaser for replacement because he (no, not I) waited too long to test it (not that I am bitter about this ).



      Questions: What is the cost and what is the process to get a refurbished replacement for this (failing) slingbox 500 from the slingbox manufacturer?


      Many thanks,