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    Can't change channel on PC, Android app works fine

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      I tried searching the forums for help with this, but the same questions kept popping up about iphones, but this is only with my PC.  I also looked at the commonly cited recommendations, but my problems don't fit these.


      I have an M1 Slingbox and Xfinity.  I had set it up previously on the same devices and there were no problems.  Now, on my Windows 10 computer, I am not able to change channels, while on my Android tablet, everything works fine.  I have tried on Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer, and all have the same problem.


      I start and connect with my Slingbox, I can see the video fine, I can get the remote control to pop up, and the on TV guide works, but if I select a channel, hit "OK", the guide disappears, and it goes back to regular programming.  Also, if I click the channel up/down buttons, nothing happens.  As I mentioned, I have no problems on my tablet and everything works there without problems.


      Any recommendations?  I would prefer not to reset the setup as I don't know if anyone at home would be able to do it, and I am away.