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    Frozen Remote / Full Screen

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      Hi. I have been using the Web SlingPlayer with the Slingbox 350. While I have been extremely pleased with the video quality, about half the time I am in full screen mode (and occasionally in the regular SlingPlayer window), the  remote control and player will freeze. Note that the video continues to play flawlessly, so I don't believe it is a bandwidth issue. However, it is not possible to click on the remote or exit out of full screen (by clicking on escape, etc.). Although this is generally ok while I am watching live, if I am watching a recording and am fast forwarding through a commercial, it is extremely frustrating if I can't stop the fast forwarding. Has anyone experienced this and been able to resolve the issue?


      Additionally, sometimes in Full Screen mode, the screen will never fully expand. Usually, if I move the remote to the side of the screen after 10-20 seconds, the screen will fully expand and the remote / ads will disappear. However, sometimes, this never occurs. Any thoughts / advice here?