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    slingbox M2   Samsung TV with HDMI, RF in, Y/Pb/PR    and Viewtv AT-163 box




      I have the following:


      • Oceanic Time Warner Cable (no set top box - just an incoming coax cable)


      • Slingbox M2


      • Samsung TV with HDMI, RF in, Y/Pb/Pr (green blue red) also audio in (red and white)


      • Converter -   Viewtv AT-163 box with inputs for coax, rf, HDMI, component Y/Pb/Pr etc.


      Trying several combinations and settings, I am able to see a tv program on my computer nor on the tv - a signal is coming through but

      the channels are all "Scramble channel" after passing through the ViewTV converter box.


      I upgraded the ViewTV program to the latest software at their website.


      Any suggestions?