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    Adding Slingbox PRO-HD to existing theater room equipment stack


      I'm just getting started with adding a Slingbox PRO to my theater room equipment. All the existing equipment is attached to and managed with an Audio Video receiver/system control unit.


      The DirecTV HD-DVR receiver is currently connected to the system Audio Video Receiver via an HDMI cable, Optical Audio Out cable and 1 red and 1 white audio patch cable. Remote in ceiling and in wall speakers are hardwired to a remote amp and I would like to leave existing connections DVD players, Ipods, CD players, etc., "as is" if possible to keep any potential problems to a minimum if I can.


      Can I setup, and will the Slingbox work without creating any problems, if I leave the current cabling in place and use the DirecTV Receiver/DVR Componet Video out connectors to connect to the Component Video in connectors on the Slingbox ?


      The fewer changes I make to the functioning system the more comfortable I'll be with going forward with the setup.


      Any help would be appreciated....