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    Which Slingbox / Roku combo work best?

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      Would like some feedback from folks that have a Roku connected to their Slingbox. My objective is to purchase a slingbox and another Roku and be able to have my family in the UK view the contents of my Roku device that is located here in the USA.


      What is the best setup to achieve this, bearing in mind I have heard that there might be some HDCP issues if using HDMI connectivity, also how would my family members in the UK change the Roku channels ? I am assuming the IR hardware that comes with the Slingbox 500 wont work with the Roku since I think most Roku use Wifi remotes.


      My current limited research indicates that it would be a waste of money to purchase the Slingbox 500 as then one would need to connect using component cables instead of HDMI ( even though I dont know for sure if HDCP would be an issue between roku and slingbox) due to HDCP issues. I was thinking about getting an older Roku XDS model with their 6ft component cable that is specifically designed for this unit, this would then allow me to connect the Roku XDS to the Slingbox M2. 


      Ideally I would like for my family members in the UK to be able to receive at least 1080p or at bare min 720p , but like I mentioned my concern is that the Slingbox 500 connected to a current Roku 2 or 3 via HDMI could result in picture loss due to HDCP restrictions.


      I would appreciate some feedback form those in the know and also those that have experienced in using these two devices together. If there are other options please feel free to advise.



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          While I certainly can't answer which Slingbox/Roku combination works best, I can tell you that I I have had a Slingbox PRO HD for several years and it still works fine.  I realize that it is no longer in production.  I connected my Roku 3 to it a while back.  I used the Gang Hu HDMI to component adapter.


          With regards to the Roku remote controls, I didn't learn until recently that although the current generation of Rokus do not come with infrared (IR) remote controls, they do respond to IR remotes!


          I, too, was considering an older XDS model for the very reason that you mention.  I went on the Roku forum and they convinced me to not get an older Roku because of slower processors in them and they don't get as many channels as the newer Roku devices. 


          I did try a Slingbox 500 some months back, but I ended up returning it.  I am not sure if using the Gang Hu HDMI to component adapter completely removed the HDCP protection, but it might.  I did read up on HDCP a little bit, but since my current Slingbox PRO HD doesn't have HDMI, I didn't read up on it as much as I might otherwise have.


          I guess the bottom line is you probably need to know what Roku and what Slingbox to select.  I would suggest that you buy your components locally, if you can. that they you can return items more easily rather than buying on-line.  When I tried the Slingbox 500, I really couldn't see much additional benefit for me over the other Slingboxes.  Below is a comparison.  Slingbox.com - Slingbox Comparison


          With regards to which Roku.  The Roku 1 is pretty reasonably priced.  It also has composite connections.  In certain cases there could be a benefit to having that built in to the device itself.  On the other hand, the Roku 2 and 3 aren't that much more money.  They definitely are faster to respond to the remote control.  The Roku 3 has an earphone jack, which could also be handy.  If money is not a huge concern, I might be inclined to get a Slingbox 500, a Roku 3, and the Gang Hu adapter.


          One of the things that I have learned through experience, however, is to use CAT 5 cable, rather than wifi, any time I do projects like this.  Even if the devices have wifi built into them, I prefer to go hard wired, if I can.  It just seems to be more reliable to me.


          Yes, there certainly are other options.  I haven't gone done those paths myself, but there are other means of accomplishing what you want to do.  AVS Forum is a great place to get started, but there are other forums, too.

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              Thank you for your well explained responses, really appreciated it.



              I will re-read it when at my home PC and respond with further questions , thanks. ( EDIT, on home PC now )


              Wouldn't using the sling box 500 be a slight waste of money since one would be using HDMI to component? In effect making the sling box into a M2 model? According to the chart the M2 model should also give me 1080i at least using component cables from a Roku?  Would you know which Roku models use IR also? I currently have Roku 4 that I wont be using with this setup and prior to that had a Roku 3, there seems to be many models of the given Roku number, but their year is different, example Roku 2 2014/2015/2016 model etc.. I guess I would need one with IR capability.


              In the comparison chart on Slingbox website, under the row labeled "SlingPlayer for Connected Devices support"  I notice with the M500 and 350 model it merely says "yes" but on the M2 model it lists the names of the products.  Slingbox.com - Slingbox Comparison


              If I were to purchase an M2 slingbox and a Roku 2 or 3 with an additional gung ho hdmi to component splitter would the feeds be HD? Or 420?



              I guess in an ideal world, I would buy an M500 and connect it to a Roku 3 via HDMI and see if the family members on the other end get picture or not meaning if HDCP effects channels coming from the Roku to the Sling then back to them.