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    Using Roku 3 With Slingbox PRO-HD

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      I dropped DISH Network earlier this year to save money.  I switched to Sony PlayStation Vue for cable-type channels.  I bought an Amazon Fire TV box for viewing PS Vue.  Since it has an HDMI port, I tried the Gang Hu device to use with the Slingbox PRO HD.  I could get audio, but not video.  More recently, Sony added Roku as a device that can be used with PS Vue.  I didn't know, until recently, that the Roku 3, which I already owned, had infrared remote control capability, even though the remote control that it comes with is RF.  I resurrected the IR blaster from my basement last night and configured the Slingbox PRO HD to work with the Roku 3 through the Gang Hu adapter.  So far, it works great!