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    Obnoxious video flickering on new SlingBox M2

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      I've just replaced my old Slingbox Solo with a new M2.  It is running on my home wireless network, and I'm connecting to it with a brandnew high end HP laptop when out of town.  I have things working, it is definitely better than the old Solo box.  However when you first change channels via Slingbox, the video stream flickers badly for about the first 30 seconds or so, and then is fairly stable.


      This is repeatable on at least 3 different systems, so I'm confident the problem lies with Slingbox - my question is there anything I can do about it?  If it was hard-wired (instead of Wireless) - would that help?  Is there a setting on Slingbox that could be adjusted?  I've seen comments from a previous post implying the problem lies with a video setting on the slingplayer machine, but I don't think so.


      Anyone with advice or suggestions?