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    Buttons Grayed Out, What is going on here?

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      I have a Slingbox Pro HD and a Cisco 9865 HDC.  There is no option for this controller.  However, the Cisco Explorer 8642HDC controller looks identical to the controller for our box and is what I used to use with the old DVR box which was an Explorer.  Any controller I chose, including the Explorer 8642HDC has grayed out selection buttons for Aux, DVD, TV and Cable making it impossible to chose what to control.  Other buttons highlight when selected.  The IR blaster does not seem to be sending a signal, nor does a new IR cable (when checking to make sure the blaster cable wasn't bad).  I went through the process of resetting the Slingbox and resellecting controllers and I still get controllers with grayed out buttons.  I can see the video and get sound online, but no control.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.