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    Comcast X1 and do I have to connect the SD composit cords from Slingbox to TV


      Because of how my TV was installed, I only have an HDMI cable in between my TV and the Comcast X1 box.  So, when I insert the slingbox 500 into this scenario, do I have to connect the SD Composite cables from the slingbox to my TV  (because the X1 box only has composit and not component)?  In other words, I think I've learned that the X1 only sends signal thru the component, composite or HDMI singularly and not thru through all of them simultaneously. Here's the ultimate question, since the X1 box only has HDMI and Composite choices, do I HAVE to also run a composite cable from the Slingbox to my TV?  My main focus is not to decrease the quality of my main TV with the X1 set top box.  Will the quality of the TV be decreased by using HDMI cables and SD composite cables, without running SD cables from the slingbox to the TV. Stated another way, if I just used HDMI cables with Comcast X1, my main TV in that connection will not be able to view certain channels due to HDCP, hence how COMPONENT cables help but with Composit cables, my HDCP protected channels will be decreased to SD Composit quality and then funneled back thru the HDMI cable to my TV at a lower quality?  Much appreciate your help.