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    Upload/Download Capacity Issues

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      I have a Slingbox 550 in a location where my upload speed is 9.94 mbps and download speed is 74.5 mbps.  I use the Slingbox to watch television in a second location where the upload speed is 2.29 mbps and download speed is 21.4 mbps. I have an Ipad with the Slingbox app.  If I watch Slingbox on the Ipad, I can usually get clear transmission.  However, when I use Apple AirPlay to transfer the Slingbox feed to my large screen tv in the second location, I get a lot of stops, starts, and reboots.  It's basically useless.  I have an Apple Airport Extreme Router.  Is this something that could be cured by paying for faster upload speed in the second location or not?  What does the group think?