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    Bell HUB2000 or Sagemcom F@ST 5250 problem

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      Bell Canada just installed a new DSL Router/modem on my FIBE network. Before that, my Slingbox 350 was working just fine from anywhere in the world. But since then, I cannot operate my Slinbox via the PVR remote as I was before with the result that I can connect to my Slingbox remotely (The CONNECTED light comes on on the box), The remote control appears on my PC screen but none of the buttons work. I tried from home to check the box behavior and this is what is actually happening:


      - On my Slingbox I can see the POWER and NETWORK lights ON.

      - I start SlingPlayer on my PC and the CONNECTED light comes ON on my Slingbox

      - On my PC, the Bell Canada Motorola PVR (VIP2262) remote control appears.

      - No mather what button I press on the virtual remote, the PVR wont come ON as it was previously with the old router/modem.


      I dont have access to any advanced network settings on the HUB2000/Sagemcom f@st 5250. No DMZ, no port forwarding etc...


      What can I do? Does anybody had the same problem as this router/modem is around since mid 2014.


      Thank you!