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    "Conflict:  Another authorized user is viewing this Slingbox.  Do you want to disconnect him/her?  Yes/No (Problem with Slingplayer app/software)

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      Please see this link for background info already discussed but ignored by Slingbox:  Problem with my Slingplayer on Android and Slingplayer Channel on Roku


      There is no excuse for this!  It's been nearly a year without so much as a remedy or a peep of help or concern from Slingbox! 


      No one at Slingbox will EVER do anything to help us with the constant connectivity (i.e., disconnection) issues.  If you've noticed, there is NO WAY to communicate with anyone via this site or any other maintained by the manufacturer, Slingbox.  Their "Contact Us" link brings you to the "Community Forum" page rather than a page that they will see and ever address.  Shame on them!  I hope someone has or will initiate a class-action lawsuit for damages incurred by all of us.  It's a defective product without question and they have been loathe to remedy the problems known to this "community" of users.  Apparently, the only way you can communicate with anyone connected to the company (probably a third-party customer service vendor) is to pay $29.99 to call them.  Unbelievable.


      If you are a practicing attorney who decides to pursue litigation against Slingbox, please post your intention here so myself and others can join the suit as plaintiffs.


      If you wish to be a plaintiff in any eventual litigation, post to this message your intentions.


      Again, shame on you Slingbox.  (My understanding is that Dish Network--a U.S. Company based in Denver, Colorado--owns Slingbox.)  Anyone with Dish Network service and a Slingbox should complain the most through the avenue available to them:  the Dish Network customer service line.


      I doubt anyone has a fix for this (unless an Android specialist can determine what is, presumably, wrong with the Slingplayer app code).  If you do have a fix, please let us all know.  You'll be a hero!  Take care.