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    Plug-in for Mac


      I have a new mac pro and I go to slingbox.com and want to download the software to watch and it just keeps prompting me to download the plug-in. I've restarted my browser and everything it said to do, but I keeps saying I need to download the latest plug-in. How can I get past this/

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          tiborg Newbie

          Make sure you're running Safari in 32-bit mode. You can also try another browser if that doesn't work.

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            Bash Newbie

            On my Mac-mini I run Mozilla Firefox.  In order to upgrade to the latest plug-in, I had to go into "add-ons" and disable the old version before it would install the new version.  Not sure this is what you are seeing, just something worth checking out.

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              Same issue here.  Running OS X 10.6.4 and Firefox 3.6.12.  I've never installed the player before.



              Any ideas??

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                  i cant find the add on for slingplayer in Mozilla.


                  What do I search for?



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                    ChicagoDon Newbie

                    Installation of the Plug-In is needlessly frustrating. Firefox wants a particular version.

                    If I try to install the plug-in for Firefox it says "OK I'm installing and this may take a while."

                    Meanwhile it is not downloading anything. You need to watch something that will tell you your download rate like istat menus or the Apple activity monitor.

                    Go to the newest Safari and try it. At least you can see what it looks and acts like when it is actually downloading and installing the plug-in.

                    After it is installed it won't work untill you set Safari for 32bit in the info window. Slingbox does tell you this. Thank You Slingbox and please don't stop there.


                    I don't know why Slingbox can not tell you ahead of time what the prerequisites of installation are. But they don't.


                    Prerequisites of known success at installing the Browser Plug-in;


                    Newest Safari in 32 bit mode

                    32bit mode is in a checkbox in the info window of Safari. .  .  With Safari closed Control click and select "Get Info" look for checkbox.


                    I know this to work in Snow Leopard 10.6.5


                    These are just the type of geeky issues you hope to avoid using a Mac but if video streaming was that easy there would be lots of competitors.


                    Hope this helps

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                        Bash Newbie

                        I found that to upgrade the plug-in using Firefox on my Mac-mini I had to remove the old one first.  After that I had no problems with installation.

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                          ChicagoDon Newbie

                          Today I needed to install the plug-in into safari. It led me through beautifully. Never left me hanging.


                          I would think most will find the installation do-able.

                          Some will still find setting safari to 32bit a little much for them to handle.


                          Nice job to slingbox for a great improvement!