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    SlingBox 500 - "No Video Signal" :2016 - Component connections w Cisco/FIOS

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      My SlingBox 500 has worked all last year with HDMI connections, now " No Video Signal" but yes have audio...


      8/18/16 Was told by SlingBox to REMOVE all HDMI connections due to HDCP/SOC issues..... ( see their support page define this )


      Now all component connections into SlingBox and into TV.. " NO VIDEO SIGNAL " still ???


      Now 8/20/16 was told by SlingBox to "change set-top" box video setting to only support up to 1080i video.. ( Not 1080p)


      Note: Cisco Verizon FIOS box only supports 1080i setting..   NO WHAT ?? NO VIDEO Signal but yes, have audio..


      All ideas welcome, I am remote from the box.....


      p.s - have the cable companies figured out how to stop SlingBox users ??