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    How do I setup my Slingbox M1 with DirectTV and CenturyLink DSL?

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      My ultimate goal after I make the correct connections and install software to the appropriate devices: I watched Sling Support video about connecting the Slingbox M1/M2 only if your TV has enough interfaces/ports for the appropriate cables. 
      I have the Slingbox M1 and I am trying to determine the best configuration to watch TV on the porch with the following parameters:
      Satellite Provider - DirecTV,
      (ii) Internet Provider - CenturyLink DSL for both wired and wireless connections
      (iii) CenturyLink Modem PK5001Z
      (iv) Slingbox M1
      Family Room
      DirecTV Genie Lite Client - Model C51-100
      (ii) Samsung 55in. curved LED Smart TV [Model# UN55KU650DF, Model Code XZA, Version FA01]
      (iii) Samsung Home Theatre System Model HT-DS610
      (iv) Panasonic Blu-Ray Model DMPBDT210
      Bedroom 1 (my bedroom)
      DirecTV Genie Lite, model
      (ii) Vizio 43inch Smart TV, Model - D43-D2
      (iii) Original Xbox, used to play DVDs and old games single player model
      Sanyo HDTV LCD Model DP26640
      (ii) Hitachi VCR
      Computers and Mobile Devices
      Desktop Thermaltake Windows 7 SP1 Home 64-bit,
      (ii) Desktop HP Pavilion, Windows 7 Home (64-bit or 32-bit)
      (iii) Desktop Lian-Li Windows XP SP3
      (iv) Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad E540 Windows 10 Pro
      (v) Tablet LG GPad 7.0 LTE - model V410, Android

      Additional Purchase

      I think I need to purchase one of the sticks, Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire?