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    Problem setting up program guide


      Local SlingBox Pro-HD, recently reset and walking through the setup process on setup.slingbox.com

      I had to start the process on a borrowed windows laptop to get past the 25% firmware bug issue (as I have an iMac).


      I have Comcast/Xfinity X1 and the setup process completes successfully such that remote viewing is possible, but it does not find any providers when I tried setting up the program guide information.


      When I set it up as a PVR, Comcast, X1....The specific message I get is "no analog, digital broadcast, cable, satellite, generic satellite, combined broadcast lineups found" for my zip code of 08054.

      When I previously had this box setup it found 08054 just fine and allowed me to select Digital Comcast of South Jersey or something like that.

      EDIT - I also tried a nearby zip code of 08077 that does have the same channel lineup as my zip code and that also didn't work.

      I also tried setting it up as just a Cable TV Box, Comcast, X1 and the message I got was "no cable lineups found" for my zip code of 08054