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    AT&T U-Verse -VIP 2500 Wireless Cable Box - no remote control

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      I've read some of Alan's answers to some threads, and was not able to follow the process to success.  To start, I have a list of answers to the Custom Remote Installation questions.

      1. Slingbox 500

      2. After successfully typing in the code and hitting Test, I received no error messages.

      3. I did.

      4. Not using a solo, did not try.

      5. No.

      6. Unable to test, am on the road for the next week.

      7. Was previously using a lower model of AT&T, got an upgrade to a wireless, and the remote hasn't worked.  Positioning of the Slingbox hasn't been an issue.  But, unable to experiment currently.

      8. Yes.

      9. Not sure, fairly certain it is IR based.

      10. no.

      11. Have not physically reset the Slingbox.

      12. I have a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote.  <--- primary reason I am reaching out.  Is there a way to tap into that remote control's software and control the Slingbox?