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    Channel Guide


      How about adding the channel guide that we get on the computer slingplayer on our android? I am sure there are a lot of users who have quite a bit of channels to choose from. It sure would be easier to find the shows we want to watch.


      Overall, I love the Slingbox, the mobile program, and the laptop version. I live in the woods with minimal 3g coverage with Sprint and it plays great with very minimal hiccups! Love this. Will never miss a home game again when on the road.

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          I agree, I have the iPhone and wile you can set some favorite channels, I wish I could have the home channel list off my Dish Network box at home when using the Dish Remote Access App. Instead you if using the Dish Remote App you get every channel with no option to edit the list. I know not everyone has Dish Network, but the Dish Remote Access App works hand and hand with the Slingbox built into the Dish 922 Receiver Box. Maybe if they setup a guide that was part of the app that worked with all users. Kind of like the Dish Remote app but just part of the sling app. Not sur if that makes sense but maybe it does.


          And when using (viewing) the guide on your TV it can be very hard to use, not to mention hard to see what all is on. I would guess most people just go straight to the channel they want instead of looking to see what is on.


          What do you think? 

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              Yes,  where's the Channel Guide for my Android Slingplayer app like I see in the demo videos?  It;s been awhile since the first complaint about it I see here.



              I don't even see the current station number appear with my COAX source.


              What's the  "DOT" button about on the MISC screen?


              What does CLEAR do from the MIS Screen?