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    Best Player for Watching my Slingbox on HDTV

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      So I bought an Amazon Fire Stick to watch Slingbox on an HDTV.  The problem is the video quality is terrible.  The internet connection where the Slingbox is and where the Fire Stick is receiving is more than adequate for HD.


      I can stream to my laptop or cell phone and the picture IS HD and great.  However, on the TV it is garbage.


      I'm thinking the issue I am having is either on purpose (to appease the cable companies) or with the Amazon Fire Stick/App.


      Anyone have a good experience with another media player for SLINGBOX?

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          Hi Joe.


          I have had similar issues with apple TV and Roku, I have found a solution that has worked perfectly. I am now using the Steam Link and it doesn't stutter or drop out at all.


          The key is to 'minimise big picture mode' in the steam link and then open the desktop version of slingplayer.


          works a treat,I'm actually considering getting a second steam link for another TV


          hope this helps.