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    Audio and Max Bitrate in Android App?


      I use SlingPlayer to sling my Tivo box to a room where its difficult to get a digital box installed and difficult to get a digital TV picture via an aerial.


      I use an Android Set Top box with SlingPlayer installed.


      Annoyingly, the max bitrate is 4032 Kbps. Also, the sound is a bit tinny, but I can see no way to change the sound quality that the android App receives.


      If I use the SlingPlayer App on Windows, I get 8064 Kbps and the Audio is much much better.


      I was just wondering why there is no option to change the audio and picture quality in this App, other than SQ or HQ.


      In a scenario such as mine, bandwidth is not an issue, so why not allow the option of receiving the higher bandwidth picture and audio in these apps?