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    Choppy streaming when on home wifi


      I installed my Slingbox Solo about a week ago, but yesterday I started having problems streaming to my Droid Incredible on my home (local) wifi.  I have Comcast internet service with consistent 10-11 mbps down and 4-5 mbps up.


      Until last night, I was able sit in the backyard and stream to my phone, but now the stream is unbearable to watch on my droid.  It stops for 10-15 seconds then the audio plays for a couple seconds, but the picture is never changes.  However, I can stream to my laptop (on the same wifi connection) without any problems.  Also, if I turn off wifi and use the 3g connection the stream on the phone is perfect as is the wifi connection at a friends house.


      I have tried the clear data function for the mobile streaming app and I rebooted my phone, but it has not fixed the problem.  I also found that when I am streaming to my phone, my upload speed drops to about .10 mbps, but the second I disconnect the stream on my phone, my internet connection speeds are back to normal.


      My question is this, is Comcast throttling my internet connection?  If so, can I do anything about it?  If not, any idea what is causing this issue and how I can fix it?


      Thank you in advance for any guidance anyone can provide.