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    Slingbox Pro replacement power supply in Australia

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      I have now gone through 3 Slingbox Pro power supplies. The first one went less than a week before I went overseas.

      The sole Australian distributor suggested it was a power supply problem, but I didn't have time to get a replacement, try it and see if that was the problem.


      I decided to buy a new slingbox instead to guarantee I had one working for my trip.

      It was in fact a faulty power with the first slingbox power supply


      The new power supply lasted about 14 months and the company wouldn't replace as it was just outside the warranty. They offered a replacement at a reduced price.


      This power supply lasted 9 months and they have just replaced it free as it was within the warranty period


      However the business owner advised they were getting out of slingboxes once all stock is gone.

      As yet it is unknown if a new Australian distributor will take on Slingboxes, they don't sell many here, which isn't surprising because I have never seen any marketing for them.

      I want to get another power supply for my second slingbox but I am reluctant to pay the $45 being asked by Beyondwiz the distributor.

      I am trying to find a 6v 3.5a power supply at a reasonable price. On Ebay I can find only UK and US units at reasonable prices but with huge postage charges.

      Retail shops here don't sell 6v 3.5a power supplies as they are rare.

      Surprisingly I couldn't find any from Hong Kong or China suppliers who always have cheap postage rates.


      I would appreciate any replies regarding an Australian source.