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    Serious concerns about new slingbox




      I have a couple of issues. First:


      When I received my Slingbox M1, purportedly brand new, it mentioned something about being "Mom's Bedroom". I had to perform a full reset. After which, my warranty coverage indicates "Activation Date :  April 25, 2016|Warranty Status :  In Warranty". This is concerning because i purchased this box end of July. Is Slingbox shipping old, used units pretending like they are brand new?

      Second, Slingbox has provided the impression that I can add guests to my sling box account for viewing. I am unable to do this. After much troubleshooting and grief, i finally got the message that this is not possible. You guys are joking, right?

      I would have gladly paid for whatever feature level the Slingbox company would deem worthy enough for "guest access". Should I just generate an amazon RMA and order another box? I want to love this product and I hate being an angry customer. But you must please make an effort to make these key attributes apparent so you are not wasting my time.


      If I am out of line, please let me know. I want to be un-angry about this situation and seek a resolution. I understand this is a user supported community, but I really hope Slingbox is listening.


      Thank you.