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    Slingbox in Japan (a few questions)


      Hello guys,

      This is my first post. As my wife would like to watch tv in japan we would like to buy the following:

      - Slingbox Solo or PRO HD

      - IOData  HVT-BT200 for BS or CS

      - External HDD

      - Router


      anything else needed?


      Like my understanding:

      - Router is connected per Ethernet cable to Slingbox

      - IOData HVT-BT200 connected with Slingbox per ? Cable

      - IOData  HVT-BT200 connected with TV per ? Cable

      - Digital Cable connected to Slingbox


      As I searched the whole internet already for hours I am stuck and would like to ask some questions:

      0) does this setup work?

      1) Is it possible that my parents-in-law and my wife watch programs at the same time? (I know this is a frequent question) but like I understood:

      - 1 party could watch for example BS TV and the other party Digital Cable TV another channel if PRO HD.

      - They cannot watch BS different channels

      - or 1 party is recording a drama in BS and the other party is watching another channel in BS.

      Is there any other possibility through a splitter or anything?

      2) Does anyone has this combo IOData HVT-BT200 with Slingbox ? How are they connected?

      3) Is the external HDD connected to the Slingbox or the IOData?


      thank you so much in advance!





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          tiborg Newbie

          Looking at the manual (http://www.iodata.jp/lib/manual/pdf2/hvt-bt200-200533-02.pdf), I don't see anywhere that the BT200 has support for an external HD. The USB connection is for firmware updates only as far as I can tell. Also, if you have digital cable, which I would assume comes with a cable tuner box, why do you need the BT200?


          The Slingbox doesn't support the digital TV format used in Japan, so the internal tuner will only see analog channels. The analog signal will be turned off next year, so that's not very useful. If you use the BT200, and PRO HD, you would connect the D-link on the BT200 to the component inputs on the PRO HD. You need a D-link to component converter cable for this (make sure you get the male/female terminations correct). That will give you HD video, the audio will come over two RCA cables. You can then connect a TV to the Slingbox via the component out, but that TV will be limited to watching whatever the Slingbox is watching.


          If you want independent viewing, you'll need to split the cable signal before it gets to the Slingbox. Either get the appropriate splitter, or have another cable outlet installed at the in-laws' house. If you want to throw a DVR into the mix, that will come between the Slingbox and the cable signal source. It will have it's own tuner, so you wont need the BT200 if you go that route.

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              Hi tiborg,


              Thank you very much for your quick response, it helped already a lot!


              You are right I mistook the BT200 with the BT300. But after some research we would probably buy this one http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/hdd-dvd/products/vardia/rd-e1005k_e305k/index.html (Toshiba RD E305k) includes a HDD


              Regarding the digital cable, you are right, but we need an external set-top box for BS as we cannot plugin digital cable + BS at the same time (+external HDD) right?


              Aha so the pro-hd doesn't make sense, so we may buy the solo if japanese digital TV is not supported by the internal tuner from pro-hd.

              Anyway the connection from europe to japan is quite low and HD won't be possible... (at least at the moment)


              I somehow didnt get this one:

              "If you use the BT200, and PRO HD, you would connect the D-link on the BT200 to the component inputs on the PRO HD. You need a D-link to component converter cable for this (make sure you get the male/female terminations correct). That will give you HD video, the audio will come over two RCA cables."


              Is there any diagram or graphical views?


              Regarding the splitter: would you have a link or so?


              Thank you so much in advance, we got already one step further.

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                  tiborg Newbie

                  If you're not going to go with the PRO HD, then you can ignore what I was saying about the D-link to component cable. You can just hook up the s-video and RCA audio connections from the E305K to the Slingbox Solo. That will probably give you the best picture, since the Slingbox won't have to down sample the HD signal to SD.


                  As for the BS+cable, I'm not to familiar with that setup since in my house I just watch terrestrial digital. However, at my old apartment, there was a cable feed and what I needed was a splitter that took the coax from the wall and split it into a TV feed and a BS/CS feed. You would then plug that into your TV's antenna and BS/CS inputs respectively. I assume you would need to do the same thing. The E305K has both inputs, so I don't see that being an issue.


                  As for the splitter to watch two different channels at the same time. You have find out if your cable broadcast is encrypted or not. If it is, then you'll still need to rent another cable box. It's possible that only the non terrestrial stations are encrypted, which in that case you could watch just those channels without getting another cable box. The splitter would be something like this:




                  That takes one coax and splits it into two coax outputs, without modifying the signal.

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                      Hi Tiborg,

                      yes thank you in advance for all your answers.


                      Regarding the PRO HD vs Solo, don't you agree that it doesn't make sense to have the pro hd as the speed connection is to low? I believe last time I was there and I tested it was like 600kbps upload to Europe.


                      Is anyone else familier with BS? I have to check with my parents-in-law if they use a set-top box for BS or it the BS signal goes directly to the TV. Cant remember. However I am quite sure that the normal digital cable was plugged in directly into the TV. That would then mean its unencrypted, right?



                      "If it is, then you'll still need to rent another cable box."

                      But in that case there would be already a box by my parents-in-law right?


                      Thank you so much in advance!!!




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                          tiborg Newbie

                          Yeah, the Solo is all you need. 600kbps is not going to give you a very sharp picture, but it's watchable. I'm assuming that your in-laws' also use cable for their internet. That's probably limiting the upload rate. I did some speedtest.net tests to various locations across Europe and always got at least 2Mbps upload. I'm using NTT's hikari fiber 200Mbps service. You can get IP phone, terrestrial digital TV, BS and SkyPerfect over that connection too, so it's a competitor to the all-in-one cable services. The base price varies depending if you're in a home or an apartment (apartment is cheaper). I'm in a house, so my rate is something like 6800 yen for the line+ISP then 500 yen for basic IP phone and finally 800 yen for the terrestrial digital TV. You'll still see lots of compression artifacts at 2Mbps, but it's a lot cleaner than 600kbps.

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                              I wonder if you mind sharing info on sling box in Japan?

                              I am thinking to purchase a sling box but have no experience with the device, or what is involved.

                              I have family in Japan but live overseas and would like to have the ability to watch Japanese TV.

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                                  tiborg Newbie

                                  I wouldn't endorse Sling's products, try to find some other solution before you decide on them. I use it exclusively in my home and wouldn't want to deal with it from a remote location. If you do decide to get one, also consider having a way of remotely rebooting the Slingbox.

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                                      Thanks for the info.

                                      Will consider other options.


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                                        Could you elaborate on any issues you have seen?


                                        I had a SlingBox-AV (with Panasonic DMR-EH55)  that worked fine for several years using eAcess 52Mbps (download) that uploaded a decent video at about 700kb/s.  I decided to upgrade to SlingBox Pro-HD ( and Panasonic DMR-XE100) and NTT Hikari fiber 100 Mb/s, but have lots of trouble since then.


                                        There is some basic connectivity to the slingbox as the Slingbox Directory Menu \ Edit option \ Properties dialog \ "Information" Tab downloads the correct info from the Pro-HD.  SlingPlayer attempts to connect, says, "Start Streaming", then "Optimizing..." but after awhile says "There was a problem communicating with your sling box, Please try again" Error 0x92340104   Context: 20   Operation:3.


                                        I was also able to remotely upgrade the Pro-HD from firmware 1.4.60 to to 2.1.60.  It does not give the error message, but also does not show video.


                                        I wonder if NTT is doing any port blocking?


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                                            tiborg Newbie

                                            I don't use it much outside of my home and on the few occasions I've watched it on my iPhone from outside, I haven't had any issues. My provider is So-net on top of a NTT 200Mbps line. If someone is doing any throttling, it's likely to be your provider rather than NTT. From inside, the main issue have is stuttering and occasional dropping of the signal. My wife uses it a lot and never fails to remind me how poor a solution Slingbox is to a direct video input;)


                                            I just upgraded to 2.1.60 and was able to get video on iPhone from outside. I'm using the standard port setting on the Slingbox. Another thread mentioned someone getting poor throughput unless they VPN'd into their home network. That would be a sure sign of provider throttling, since they most likely wouldn't try to throttle an encrypted stream on a well known VPN port.

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                                              After upgrading to 2.1.60, video/audio streaming does work now.  The bad news is that remote control is not working. (Had to call someone near the PVR to manually flip the power switch on.).

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                                  Hello tiborg,


                                  I have a couple questions regarding to the D-link to component converter cable, if you don't mind.


                                  First of all, do you know if anyone got this to work?


                                  Secondly, do you mean the d-link to component converter cable only, like this?



                                  a d-link to component transcoding device like this?



                                  I bought the d-link to component converter cable not the device. I connect it out from d-link of my panasonic TZ-HDW600M DVR into the slingbox pro-hd component. But it doesn't work, there is no picture at all, just black. The slingbox doesn't seem to be picking up any signal, as it gives the message of "weak or no video signal detected." The DVR was turned on for sure. In fact, I tried the power button and successfully turned the DVR off.


                                  Any suggestions or any ideas where I might have done wrong?

                                  Thanks a lot!

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                                      The "D" connector in Japan is not the same as the DVI connector in the US.  Typically the outputs in Japan are labelled D1, D2, D3, D4 or D5.  I have purchased a simple passive cable that has the D connector (I believe it said D1) at oone end and three RCA component jacks on the other. (No box needed). It wont do audio, so you'll ned seperate analog or digital audio cable.


                                      On the DVR you are connecting to the slingbox, make sure the D output is turned on and set to a resolution that the slingbox can handle.  On the slingbox Pro HD setup, make sure you select the component input.  The at is exactly the way my Panasonic DMT-XE100 is connected.

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                                          Hello Kiwin,


                                          Thanks a lot for your reply.


                                          I bought the d connector to component converter cable in Yodobashi camera, so I'm pretty sure it is the Japanese standard. I'm not sure whether it's D1, D2, D3, D4 or D5 though, and won't have a chance to look at it for a couple of weeks.


                                          Could you elaborate a bit more on "make sure the D output is turned on and set to a resolution that the slingbox can handle"?

                                          I thought these outputs are always turned on. You just need to connect cables in between machines. How do I turn it on?

                                          Also, do you know what is a resolution that the slingbox can handle?


                                          Thanks in advance.

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                                              In my Panasonic DMR-XE100 manual, the setting on how to change the D output.  D3 is the default.


                                              FYI, kiwin

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                                                  Hello Kiwin,


                                                  Thanks a lot for your reply.


                                                  I have figured out the D output setting of my machine. It is D3.

                                                  I also figured out what you meant by turning on the D output. There is a switch at the front of my machine where you can change the output of digital signal outlets, either HDMI or D output. You can only use one not both at the same time, and I use HDMI for my TV. As a result, I cannot use the D output for the slingbox. That sucks.


                                                  Anyways, thanks again for your help.

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                                          Hello im in china and i wanted to know if anybody could help me? I have the slingbox pro hd when i try to connect it connects and then optimizes and then streams like its on but i have no sound or video but it says its working. I wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem or could help me with this?

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                                            i tried that and it didnt work

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                                              i have esentially the same idea...i live in the US and my wifes mother is in Japan with high speed internet and cable TV.  Can anyone tell me what I need to get things working?  Can I buy a slingbox here and take it there or do I need a japanese box?  How can I know if it will work with the cable box that they have?  Will I need a dedicated cable box?  What if I just want to stream broadcast TV can I use a solo for that?  Any help much appreciated!

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                                                  We use a made-for-US slingbox, a made-for-Japan DVR with built in tuner, and the mansion's antenna.  Japan's TV transmissions are different than US, so you need a Japanese DVR or external tuner. Because of the time zone difference, a DVR is highly recommended.  I tend to use the Pansonic DVR's since you can usually find a similar model manual in English. If you use your in-law's cable box, they will not be able to watch what they want at the same time.

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                                                      So does a made in the USA sling box easily connect and control a japanese DVR?  Do you use IR blaster or is there a direct connect interface?  Did you require any tech support from the DVR maker?  have you tried this with cable TV?


                                                      Any issues which required someone in Japan to touch the box?  My mother-in-law would have a hard time doing anything beyond powering off and on...

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                                                          Sling only has the keycodes for some DVR models - hence I recommend choosing a popular DVR that is in Sling's database.  You can install slingplayer now and try checking make and model numbers before buying. Several older panasonic DVRs are in the database and work "fine". I make my own keymaps using JP1 for the panasonic DVRs i have used so that it supports all of the remote keys - i have uploaded in the JP1 forums.


                                                          Nearly all Sling connections use IR blaster. That is what I use.


                                                          Slingboxes do go through periods when they need to be rebooted.  In our case, a simple box reboot by removing the power and reinserting is always is a 20 minutes phone call.  Your mother-in-law may very. 8-)

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                                                      I am about to do a similar thing.  Im in Japan now and will be going home soon but want to set up a slingbox in my in laws before i leave.


                                                      I have bought the slingbox, Australia version not a problem as i live there.


                                                      The only issue i have is getting the remote to work. 


                                                      I dont want a DVR as the time difference between japan and Australia is only 1 hour. 


                                                      So the only thing i need to watch regular TV is a set top box, however, i cant find any japanese made set top boxes in the slingbox list.


                                                      was going to buy this one: http://www.yodobashi.com/ec/product/100000001001258920/index.html


                                                      will be able to install it fine but how the heck can i change the channel remotely if its not in the slingbox list?


                                                      please help if you can as i leave to go back home soon'



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                                                        Hi there

                                                        I just want to let you know that slingbox HD is now sold in japan and SlingMedia setup a website http://slingbox.jp/


                                                        For those of you who are still wondering which DVR or devices you want to hook up with your slingbox in Japan, it is worth to check Slingbox japanese website to know which device has a customised remote setup. See http://slingbox.jp/support/remotelist.html


                                                        Please have look to the "faq" section to find japanese DVR, tvBox, etc Remote files and how to install them: http://slingbox.jp/support/faq.html


                                                        I managed to switch from the "standard" sling remote to a customised Sharp DV-AC82 DVR remote!





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                                                          interinmente Newbie

                                                          I saw in the Classic setting that IODATA model supported is the IOData  HVT-ST200 and not the IOData  HVT-BT200 as you said.

                                                          Is it the same about setting up the Slingbox or not? Also it is supported on Classic?

                                                          Thank You

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                                                            tcaradonna Novice

                                                            I have a Pro-HD in Japan connected to a Toshiba D-TR1 digital tuner ($250 from Amazon.co.jp) w/ external USB HDD for DVR capability.  This forum had been a good place to see what local slingers in Japan have been using (www.slingboxfan.com)


                                                            I watch remotely from US using SNATT stream (as confirmed thru Windows SlingPlayer) with no problems and get HD quality and have been very happy with the setup.


                                                            However, I want to add a slingcatcher to my setup to display the stream on my HD TV.  Although my Windows SlingPlayer & Web SlingPlayer work great, I can't get a connection with the SlingCatcher.  According to other forum posts, this is because Catcher doesn't work with SNATT and can only be used with TCP (Port 5001).  I can change to TCP (with some difficulty...as I am here and the config changes are in Japan), but I'm worried that some people here are recommending SNATT for better performance.  I don't want to lose that capability.


                                                            Anyone slinging to japan and using SlingCatcher here?  Before I start making changes, I'd like to hear your experiences.


                                                            If you have another way to get sling streams from Japan to HD TVs, please let me know how that's been.  (i.e. hacked Apple TV gen 1, http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/How_to_install_SlingPlayer_on_AppleTV)



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                                                                I own a slingbox classic, solo and pro-HD in Japan and stream through to UK (where i live).

                                                                I also own 3 slingcatcher 2 in uk and 1located in Japan so my parent can also have a choice to watch UK TV in Japan.


                                                                For me slingcatcher used to work only with classic or solo version, there was a stream error on pro-hd.

                                                                i wanted to watch pro-hd in uk using slingcatcher because it stream at the high bit ratio.

                                                                classic and solo usually does it around 800kbps, where as pro-hd does it around 1600kbps.

                                                                I've 100dl/100ul mb Hikari FFTH in Japan and use Virgin 100dl/10ul mb broadband.

                                                                The good news is recently (few weeks ago) sling have updated the firmware on pro-hd

                                                                which means i can now watch the pro-hd remotely using slingcatcher at a similar bit ratio.

                                                                Even so i could techinically watch on big TV using connection from pc to tv it was so uncool to go to

                                                                the pc and change the channel each time on mouse. (i was even considering buying Asus WAVI to accommodate the problem)


                                                                Just for your info i've also bought toshiba D-TR1 (16,800yen) for the digital tuner on pro-hd,

                                                                i also own a baffulo DTV-S110 (4,980yen) but the picture quality is far more better on Toshiba.


                                                                I now have 3 questions to Sling or anyone who knows,


                                                                Can i stream at even faster rate remotely? when i watch within network in japan i can get around 9000kbps,

                                                                but soon as i remotely log in from uk 1600kbps seem the max i can get even with current internet speed.

                                                                Japan currently have 1000mb FFTH internet service, if i upgrade to this 1GB speed internet can i stream at better bit ratio ?


                                                                Also does cable like Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 makes difference ?


                                                                My 3rd question, ipad currently works fine on SQ mode, but soon as you put on HQ mode the picture freezes every few seconds,

                                                                it seem this is a known issues for Ipad user, but can i do anything?, or any firmware update ?

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                                                                    chakkarinen Apprentice

                                                                    1) I believe that your streaming speed depends not only on the speed within the local area network in Japan where your SB is located, and the local area network in the UK where your viewing computer is located, but also on all of the other internet connections that your signal must transit between Japan and the UK.   I would doubt that there is much you can do to speed up that international transfer process.


                                                                    2)   I doubt that the size of your Ethernet cable for the first (or last) few meters of the signal transit are the limiting factor on your streaming speeds.  But it wouldn't hurt to replace your CAT5 with CAT6 -- but I would expect any improvements that you might observe with SB streaming to be marginal at best.


                                                                    3)  Streaming HD in real time requires much greater data transfer than streaming SD -- so even if your local network in Japan is fast enough, and your local network in the UK is fast enough, the rest of the transit (which is out of your control) may simply not be fast enough to support reliable HD streaming.

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                                                                      tcaradonna Novice

                                                                      For folks out there using the Toshiba D-TR1 Digital tuner:


                                                                      Nice piece of equipment, but does anyone have the .bin file for the original remote?  Slingbox posted one but its wrong.  It's a Toshiba remote, but way more buttons than the original simple one that came with the tuner.  I've been getting by with it, but I want the original remote if I can get it.  Thanks!

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                                                                    Hello, I am wanting to set up Slingbox HD at my in-laws in Japan and had a question.

                                                                    I want to be able to see a decent number of HD channels.  Is this possible if I *PURCHASE* a digital tuner such as the Toshiba D-TR1 Digital tuner from Amazon?  Up until now, I was thinking I would have to pay the in-law's cable company, J:COM, an extra 1500 yen per month to *RENT* their proprietary cable box.


                                                                    If I were to *purchase* the Toshiba D-TR1 (or similar digital tuner), can I watch a decent number of digital channels?  Or, am I better off to pay JCOM the extra 1500 per month to rent one of their cable boxes?


                                                                    Thanks so much!

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                                                                        karyuudo0127 Newbie

                                                                        If you purchase a digital tuner box, you can get pretty much what's Free OTA in Japan. That's about 8-10 stations depending on what area they're from. If your in-laws have satellite TV you can take advantage of some of the free stations they have on that also for about 1 month. After that you need to pay whoever the satellite provide is of the BS/CS service.


                                                                        To know what's available in your in-laws area, check out Yahoo's live tv listings. http://tv.yahoo.co.jp/listings/realtime/


                                                                        I might also suggest you set Logmein up on your inlaws PC, as I've had numerous problems with my Slingbox-HD. Which needed the box to be reset by my inlaws and then me remotely going onto my inlaws PC to set the whole thing up again. Currently my box isn't working in Japan, and I suspect it's either a faulty network cable or bad capacitors within the Slingbox itself. (Which is a common issue with the boxes). If I were you, I'd go buy another brand box as a back up just incase the Slingbox goes down. In fact, I HIGHLY advise it.


                                                                        Hope this helps.


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                                                                            I strongly agree with those points. After I changed my SlingBoxAV (which worked near flawlessly for 3 years) with a SLingBoxHD-Pro, I have had no end of trouble causing a very grumpy wife. I ended up buying and installing a second SlingBoxPro-HD in hopes one of the two would be working at any given point in time. And I also installed a "IP-power 9258" http://www.opengear.com/product-ip-power-9258.html so I could remotely power cycle the sling boxes.


                                                                            I happen to use RealVNC for the remote PC control of in-law's PC to diagnose problems.


                                                                            Last time I was there, I installed a WaveCast box http://wavecast.tv and it has worked flawlessly.  It only receives terrestial broadcasts, but the quality is much better and the bit rate is much lower since it does not need to re-encode the signal.  Also you can download the recordings (MP4 files).