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    TCL Roku TV

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      Hello. I need some help.

      A bit of background for you.

      I have a DirecTV Mini Genie. 

      I have a SB 350. It worked just fine on my old tv using the Component cables. I used the 10 pin port with component cables to the SB and then component cables to the TV.

      I just got a new TCL Roku TV and it only has 3 HDMI inputs. No component inputs at all.


      So I can still use my 10 pin cable to the SB input.

      But there is no way to connect the SB 350 to the TV.

      On the DirecTV Mini I can use the HDMI port to the TV, but when I do I can not access Slingbox remotely. Gives me an error message to disconnect the HDMI. 


      Any advice on how to get all of this to work with my new TV so I can sling when I'm at work in my office?

      Thanks in advance.

      Brad Fisher