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    Slingbox 350 on iPad 4th edition


      I purchased the iPad app quite some time ago and it seemed to work just fine. I tried it a few times while connected to my iPhone over LTE and quality was great.

      I am using iPad 4th edition with Bell Satellite service. My network is TP Link AC3200 router. Connections for all devices are great!

      Recently, when I start the app and I turn on the remote control on the screen for the Bell service, the remote is all pixalated, and if I try to access any of the features through the remote, I get an error "Sling player Connection  Lost"

      This is the only app where I am getting any sort of connection errors.

      If I use the remote from my iPhone to control the satellite, I can watch the programming fine. Only when I press a button on the remote do I get the error.