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    Constant buffering with new phone and tablet.


      The other day my family upgraded our phones. We all got Samsung Galaxy Note 5's. Best Buy also had a promotion for 10 dollars a month with 4g service from Verizon you could pick out a tablet, so we got a Samsung Galaxy E. I'm not sure if this is a Samsung issue or a Slingbox issue, or the Android operating system version. Whenever I use the Slingplayer on any of the phones, or the new tablet, it constantly buffers. Sometimes the Slingplayer works for a few minutes and buffers, but often it will work, and buffer, then 30 seconds later buffer, often freezing while buffering. The slingplayer is essentially unwatchable My internet speed is 150Mbs both up and down, so I know this is not a bandwidth problem. My mothers old LG phone works fine. Her old tablet works fine as well. My Samsung S4 has Android 5.0.1, and also buffers (never had the slingplayer for that phone but since it is offered free now I decided to try it. The new Note 5's have Android 6.0. We even went to Walmart and got a different tablet to see if it would work, and that tablet has Android 5.0 and does not buffer. Anyone have any suggestions as to what could possibly be the culprit and how I can fix this? I tried looking on google and I would think at least someone with a Galaxy Note 5 or Android 6.0 would have a similar issue, but I saw nothing.